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British Empire Medal (BEM) rewarded to Sonia (Parnell) Thompson.

We wanted to give a massive congratulations to Sonia (Parnell)Thompson who received her British Empire Medal (BEM).


Sonia received notification of her BEM back in November 2018 for her contribution to her community. Not only has Sonia dedicated most of her life to others, she has carefully created the perfect team who have worked with Sonia to provide services and care for the community in Birmingham. With Sonia’s care Home, Liberty House, which has now been running for 25 years, and her social enterprise, Community Flow, it is fair to say that Sonia has not only spread her vast and experience knowledge but has also tried her hardest to share this with the community.


Sonia prides herself in teamwork, and excellent leadership with a hands-on approach to managerial work. Even with the teams vast expanse of community contribution, Sonia and the team are still working hard to reach a wider community and provide outstanding services not only across Birmingham but also the United Kingdom.


Working with Department of Health, Department of Work and Pensions and Birmingham City Council, Sonia has been able to spread her expertise in health and social care. With attendees from Chicago, Hamburg and across the West Midlands, Sonia has been able to educate and share her story with a wide audience with the intention of helping more and more people to provide an outstanding quality of care and life for everyone.


Sonia also shares her experience and offers training with schools, colleges and universities to help educate young students who are looking to start their career in health and social care.



This is what Sonia said about the award ceremony,


“Just being nominated for the award was incredible, but receiving the medal, was one of the greatest and proudest moments I have ever had.


On the day I felt delighted to be amongst all the Dignitaries and other recipients of the BEM and OBE. It was an honour to receive my medal from the Lord-Lieutenant. I feel privileged and inspired to be recognised and receive this Honours Award for the work myself and my team are contributing to the community.” – Sonia (Parnell) Thompson.



What have others said:

“Despite suffering difficulties within her own personal life, the level of empathy Sonia shows towards working with some of the most challenging service users in the country is exemplary. I’ve had the opportunity of working closely with Sonia as a volunteer, where I observed her sincere dedication to both able and disabled people. Working with Sonia was a pleasure; she executes a high level of professionalism with staff and service users without belittling them. This has earned Sonia respect from professionals and organisations which have used, experienced and been supported by the work she does. Her standards and boundaries are clear and promote independent thought which often allows individuals to reflect on their impact and potential in fields they so desire.”

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