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Glitter Box

"All the essentials a young girl needs to be confident and ready for her first period."

- Glitter Box

Liberty House is supporting Glitter Box and their goal to get more young girls more aware and prepared for their first menstrual cycle.

Our aim is to get all young girls period-prepared with the knowledge and understanding of how to take care of themselves and how to get access to sanitary wear and period essentials during their cycle.

Glitter box is providing schools with sanitary wear, new under wear and hygiene products.
We are currently supported by local organisations and the wider community to ensure that all girls in the UK have access to period essentials at schools and at home ready for the moment her periods start.

All sessions are delivered by our qualified Children & Young People Sexual Health Nurse & SRE Specialist.

Is there Period Poverty? - BBC News

One in ten girls has been unable to afford sanitary wear, according to new research from global girls rights charity Plan International UK. 

The BBC spoke to four college students about their experience.

To see the full video follow the link below:

For only £6.50 per session!


  • Session 1 - Life Styles

  • Session 2 - Puberty

  • Session 3 - Periods

  • Session 4 - Hygiene

  • Session 5 - Keeping Safe

  • Session 6 - Building Emotional Resilience

  • Session 7 - Glitter Box Pamper Party

Art & Craft Work

  • Bath Bombs

  • Up Cycling

  • Friendship Plaques

  • Magic Mugs

  • Journal Covers

  • Mood Boards

  • and much more...

More info...

Session Venue: 

Billesley Ark,

725 Yardley Wood Road,



B13 0PT



Phone: 07761 662 153

Facebook: @glitterbox912

  • For girls aged 9-12

  • 7 Sessions

  • Arts & Crafts

  • Skills for life

  • £6.50 per session

  • Contact us to book

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