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Health & Social Care Presentation


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Yesterday Liberty House was invited down to Erdington Job Centre by the Department of Work and Pensions to give a short presentation (hosted by Sonia Parnell) about the varied roles and responsibilities of a carer. Our main aim was to highlight how rewarding a job in health and social care can be and it’s safe to say that we made a significant impact on the attendees and we hope to see everyone within take their first steps to begin their career in health and social care!


We started by asking our attendees what they thought a carers role was and the responses were very similar, see below:


EDIT 20190425_094947.jpg


This was a question that some people struggled to answer due to the vast range of roles a carer could undertake. The audience and Sonia took part in a discussion about how important it is to provide both good care and good social skills within the role of a carer and once we dived deeper, we collectively agreed that the two main roles of a carer:

  • To provide excellent daily service, support and care

  • To provide an excellent platform for the people we support to socialise within the community.


We spoke a little about what makes a carer and how not only providing good care is important but also it is key to give everyone the most fulfilled life possible. The atmosphere in the room was uplifted by the care and generosity that shone from everyone inside the room, and we hope that everyone who attended today takes the necessary steps to start their career in health and social care.

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